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Mineral Processing Science

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Bret Cousins, M.Sc., P.Eng. 
Bret has over 30 years of experience in most methods of mineral processing. He approaches all processing problems with an eye on the science. This has allowed for some unique solutions for otherwise difficult process problems.

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About Corrxan
Corrxan Chemicals Ltd. was founded in 2006 as a mineral processing consulting and chemical development company. We started with the development of a new type of corrosion inhibitor using a ​passive barrier technology developed from mineral processing chemistry.
Committed to helping mineral processors achieve their optimal performance in operations
Solutions for Mineral Processing

Over 100 successful reagent evaluation studies for flotation mills

Developed final formula for FLEX 31, improving flotation characteristics for sphalerite and other copper activated minerals

Developed passive barrier corrosion inhibitor chemistry, applicable to gas wells

Project management for Hydro-Jex technology, extracting more gold from heap leach pads

Identified carbon disulphide in concentrate slurry that was degrading membrane material on plate filter press

Identified dual benefits of a gypsum antiscalant in flotation, allowing for higher carbonate ores to be processed

Treatment developed for a highly acidic solution from a gold heap leach with sulphidic ore

Successful testing of fatty acids in coal flotation

Reformulation of a precipitating antiscalant in a gold stripping circuit

Treatment developed to keep very high copper values in a CIP circuit from loading onto carbon without additional cyanide

Flowsheet modification to take advantage of front rougher cell zinc grades and relieve flow pressures on regrind and cleaning circuit
Plant Commissioning and Operations

Pilot pressure leach plant
Magnetic separator plant
Gas emissions scrubber plant
Pilot bitumin recovery plant
Several flotation plants
Several heap leach operations
Hydro-Jex projects
CMC addition equipment
Chemical distribution systems
Online XRF monitoring systems
Environmental laboratories