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New Methodology Enables Improved Evaluation of Flotation Collectors.

Proceedings of the 115th SME National Mining Conference, Denver, Colorado, February 24-27, 2013
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A List of Publications authored by Bret Cousins
A Laboratory Protocol To Evaluate Potential Chemical Interferences In Flotation Circuit Applications.

Proceedings of the CMP Conference, Ottawa, Ontario,
January 22-24, 2013.
Paper 9247, CIM Journal, Q2, 2016
New Dust Control Testing and Monitoring Technologies.

World Coal, December 2012
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Solutions developed from an extensive knowledge of the science of mineral processing
Alternatives to Coal Mine Tailings Impoundment - Evaluation of Three Dewatering Methods at Rockspring Coal Mine.

Proceedings of the 114th SME National Mining Conference, International Symposium on Water in Mineral Processing,
Seattle, Washington, February 19-22, 2012.
New Chemistry for Improved Heap Leach Scale Control.​

Proceedings of the 29th Convencion Internacional de Mineria, 
Acapulco, Mexico, October 25-29, 2011.
(voted best English paper of Conference)
Operational Practices to Reduce Copper and Other Metals Loading onto Activated Carbon in Heap Leach CIC Circuits.​

Proceedings of the 111th SME National Mining Conference, 
Denver, Colorado, February 22-25, 2009.
Steel Corrosion Control in Highly Corrosive Wet Coal-Bed Methane Wells Using a Passive Iron/Sulphur Complex Layer Created Using Organic Sulphur Salts. 

Proceedings of the CIPC/SPE GTS 2008 Joint Conference, 
Calgary, Alberta, June 17-19, 2008.
Operation of the Belt Filter Presses at the Rockspring Development Preparation Plant.

Proceedings of the CoalPrep 2012,
Lexington, Kentucky, May 1-3, 2012.
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